What are the best Fitness Trackers – 2022

Keeping track of your goals is a must. Fitness Trackers are very important for everyone who exercises, but are essential for People Over 50.

1) Heart Rate Monitor
Your heart rate is the primary sign of your overall health. So, you should know when your blood pressure is going high and when it’s going low.
Heart rate monitors are a type of tracker that have sensors and these devices can show your heart rate. There are certain devices that can alert you when your heart rate level touches the danger level (low or high).

2) Blood Oxygen Level Monitor
When your blood oxygen level goes down, you can face breathing problems. Hence, your oxygen level is very important. You should use an excellent tracker to monitor your blood oxygen level, just like the one listed below.

3) Calorie Counter
If you are an overweight person, then you need to burn off some calories. Now, what if it’s not possible for you to count the burnt calories? That’s why you may need a good tracker device to count your burnt calories. Thus, then you can maintain your weight. Listed below is a great choice for you.

6) Stress Level Tracker
Stress can cause different types of problems in your body. If you use this tracker, then, you can control your stress at the right time.

7) Breathing Pattern Detection
Sometimes during exercising sessions, you may go beyond your breathing limit. Using this tracker, you can understand – what’s your breathing limit is.

8) Fall Tracker
When you are over 50, you may fall without any strong reason. Fall trackers are a medical alert device used as as sensor and it will tell your near and dear ones that you have fallen.

Nowadays, all these apps and sensors may come under one fitness tracker or you can purchase either of the ones shown above. By doing so you may not have to be journaling all the details yourself. Because the fitness tracker/bands will store everything in its memory.

Should you Maintain a Daily Fitness Journal

Yes, an Excellent idea is for you to keep an Exercise Journaling book and you can write everything in it. This is my favorite Exercise Journal Book!!

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