How do I Get Motivated After 50?

Make Things Happen!! Finding motivation to stay fit and well over 50 can be tricky for many people.

Make Things Happen!! Finding Motivation However, in most cases, good health and a long life expectancy come down to what many Doctors call the Five Pillars of Good
Health, and they are.

  1. Diet
    A healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods low in animal fats. The diet should include several servings of fish each week, that is high in Omega Oils, like Salmon. Also, cereal high in grains, and low in sugar. Not eating cakes, cookies and fast food is part of this brief and you should avoid sugary drinks. Drink water instead, to avoid dehydration. Of course, most of us lapse at times as it is hard to maintain finding motivation to eat properly continuously. Maintain a healthy BMI, (body mass index), as obesity is becoming a problem in most first world countries. Especially in the USA, UK, and Australia where the number of obese people is quite noticeable. So Make things happen and finding motivation to eat a healthy diet is essential.
  2. Exercise
    Only about 20% of people over 50 perform the recommended amount of daily exercise which is 3-5 hours of moderate exercise per week. This really comes down to taking a brisk 40-minute walk a day. Many older people totally give up walking once over 50. Weight-bearing exercise is best for bone density, but for those who find walking is hard, swimming is a good alternative. Some older people find Pilates a good exercise to
    increase core strength and stability.
  3. No Addictions
    This means no smoking, no vaping, only 1-2 glasses of wine a day, and no illicit drugs should be consumed. This sounds easy enough, but so many people are addicted to nicotine and alcohol, and there is no safe level of nicotine. Make things happen, and if you are able to avoid addiction, you will have a much healthier longer life.
  4. Good Quality Sleep
    As we age, often sleep alludes us, as we require 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night, this is where exercise can help. If you walk for an hour a day, you will sleep a lot better at night. Avoid alcohol just before bed, and avoid screen time in the evenings. This way you will sleep better.
  5. Good Social Connections
    Staying socially connected with family and friends is ultra-important. Reinforcing the neural pathways by joining a book club can also help to keep our brains active. Even learning a language or a new skill can be positive for you. Take up music, learn a simple instrument like the Ukulele, or go to Bridge classes. Any of these things will help your brain to keep functioning for longer, and finding motivation to take up new activities in retirement is quite fun. Many articles now say that people born after the year 2000 will be capable of living to 130 years of age, and this is an interesting concept, as it may mean working until age 100 to have enough money to live on. Of course, not everyone will live for that long, and only time will tell.

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