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How Can I Get Toned and Fit After 50

Fifty is just a number as you continue to work and have a great social life. However, this is a time where you may notice some changes in your body: your body may not look as toned, or you struggle to reach down to pick up something on the floor. Studies have shown that our muscles are slower to regenerate and our joints are less flexible as we age. Fitness over 50 focus on maintaining muscle mass and joint flexibility.

Exercise for Fitness
Multiple researches show that exercise is good for physical and mental health, and it can be relatively low cost. The exercise routines focus mainly on gaining muscle tone and improving joint flexibility. Ten to
fifteen minutes a day of physical activity is a good place to start. Fitting in exercise in your daily routine might be a challenge, but you will soon enjoy the benefits. Slowly work your way up to thirty minutes a day,
so you can incorporate other types of exercises such as weight lifting and flexibility training.

Type of exercises
The four main types of exercises that you can focus on are cardio, balance, weights, and flexibility. Weight lifting exercises are important for increasing muscle tone and bone density. Starting off with lighter weights (2-3 pounds) are best before moving on heavier weights.

Flexibility exercises improves mobility, while balance exercises reduces risk of trips and falls. Cardiovascular exercises are important for all age ranges, but now your focus is on not straining the heart with strenuous exercise. There are plenty of fitness over 50 coaches that can help you put your right foot forward in achieving your goals.

Best Time to Exercise
Fitting in exercise in the morning before your life starts is a great way to energize yourself throughout the day. Working out during the day can also help with better sleep patterns at night, as you have spent most of
your energy. It is more important to have an exercise routine that works for your lifestyle, because you will be more likely to stick to it. How Can I Get Toned and Fit After 50? Fifty is a time to start working towards a stronger body and a happy mind. Age is only a number when you are physically active and able to maintain your body. Start small and focus on building your strength. Your body will thank you for it.

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