What does your body type reveal about you?

What your body type reveals about your attempt on weight loss?

Your body type reveals a lot about your approach to weight loss. Fat distribution and hormonal balance play a big role in whether it’s easy or hard for you to drop those extra stubborn pounds you have gained. About 10% of most people will be able to gain weight and still maintain a healthy physique. If this is you, you are one of the lucky ones. But it’s still worth figuring out what your body type is so that you can apply these tips to your own progress.

The three most common body types are:

  1. ectomorph
    These athletes typically have long thin limbs, a thin waist and little body fat. Many of them are in the highfunctioning autism spectrum, so it’s important that they get the right nutrients to help them maintain energy and prevent health problems.
  2. mesomorph
    While you might identify with this description if you’re muscular, you can also fit the profile if your body generally carries more muscle mass with less fat and your metabolism is fast. The key is to find out what foods and supplements can help you avoid weight gain.
  3. endomorph
    These people are the ones most likely to struggle with weight loss. They have larger muscles, more body fat and tend to have a slow metabolism. If your BMI is above 25 then you probably fall in this category. So it’s important that you follow a balanced diet in order to get enough energy daily and not falling victim to weight gain.

What do these three have on weight loss?
Ectomorphs and mesomorphs will lose weight very easily, but over time they balance themselves out. You need to remember that your body type is a guideline or place to start, not a definitive answer.

Let’s get the subject of weight loss off to a good start by taking a look at what your body type means in terms of weight loss. But first things first! Let’s take a look at how we know our body type. You can easily find out
if your body type is ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph. All you need to do is measure your waist once.

If your waist size is less than 30 inches then you’re a small ectomorph, 30 – 32 means that you’re normal, 33 inches means that you’re a large ectomorph and anything over 34 is too big for your height and likely to be an endomorph.

If the measurement is over 37 inches then you’re a big mesomorph and anything over 42 inches is too big for your height and likely to be an endomorph.

So far so good, but what does it all mean?


Curious about how your body type will affect your progress? It’s not very different to what we’ve already said on the topic.

Ectomorphs need to get a bit more protein, while mesomorphs need to increase their carbohydrate and fat intake. While they couldn’t exactly change their weight loss, they can be a lot more successful with the other two types.

The endomorphs have it the worst and it’s time to look at why that is.
The good news is that there are plenty of ways for this group of people to lose weight without the work being too hard on them. They need to boost their protein intake when they’re dieting, because their body needs it in order to build muscle. They can also indulge once in a while, because their metabolism will be able to deal with these occasional treats.

There are plenty of ways to lose weight that works for everyone, but it’s an issue of finding out which ones will work for you. That way your efforts won’t go to waste and you can get the body you want in the fastest time possible.

Lose weight faster and easier than ever before by using the right foods, supplements and exercises.

Here’s how to do it.
Mesomorphs should increase their carb intake and swap in the lower-carb proteins. For example, protein bars can be a great replacement for chocolate bars. This way they can still get their cravings satisfied while
getting more nutrients.

Endomorphs should try to raise their protein and fat intake if they’re struggling with weight loss. It might seem counter-productive, but it helps balance out your hormones. Ectomorphs have a very active metabolism and can benefit from increasing their protein intake in order to boost their muscle building.

This diet is so simple and effective that it’s worth trying right away.

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