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Fit and Wellness Over 50

Habit videos series on YouTube. Fit and Wellness Over 50 will be uploading new episodes every week so stay tuned and check these out!

Foods That Fight Inflammation
6 Easy Exercises to Lose Your Love Handles
How to Stay Fit After Retirement
The Benefits of Drinking Tea and Coffee
The 7 Major Anxiety Disorders
What is Depression Exactly
7 Tips to Boost your Self-esteem and Confidence
What Does Your Walk Reveal About You?
Best Way to Gain Weight/Increase your Appetite
30 Minute Full Body Workout with Trainer
Plank Exercise for Beginners
Fix This/Arms Workout Exercise

Drink A Gallon of This Everyday
3 Weeks Flat Stomach Workout
Jump Rope for Weight Loss

New videos are uploaded every week on YouTube. Please visit our YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/FitandWellnessOver50