What is the best way to practice Mindfulness in our daily lives?

Practicing Mindfulness – Be Mindful

Your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health. So, it’s a great idea to create a quiet, tranquil space at home, which you can retreat to in order to practice regular mindfulness sessions. Especially,
after each session you should feel less stressed than at the beginning of your session. To discover a few tips on how to practice mindfulness at home, simply continue reading.

Finding a Quiet Space At Home:
Try to find a space which is in a quiet area of your home. It’s best to dedicate a quiet space as your meditation space, that isn’t located next to your home’s communal areas such as your lounge and kitchen. This will prevent you from being distracted by others’ conversations. Some ideas include turning the corner of your home office into a meditation space. This can be separated from the rest of your office with a decorative space or meditating in a spare bedroom or attic space. You can also create a meditation corner in your bedroom.

Focus on your inner mind:
During your time in your quiet space, you’ll be able to forget about the worries of your life in order to focus on your inner most thoughts.

Use a Meditation Journal Log Book to record your insights:
During your meditation sessions, important insights may arise that may provide clarity on aspects of your life. Also, this may help you heal from past events. It’s an excellent idea to jot down these thoughts in a
special log book. Journaling will ensure that you don’t forget any of your wonderful insights. For example, you may identify limiting beliefs about yourself which you can work to change. Journaling at the end of your
meditation sessions, will allow you to record and explore your thoughts and feelings, while they are still fresh in your mind.

Consider listening to peaceful music or guided meditation sessions:
You’ll find a wide variety of meditation tracks on YouTube, which may help you relax into a meditative state. For example, you may be interested in listening to Tibetan singing bowls or the sound of the ocean crashing against a beach. As a bonus, peaceful music will help drown out any outside noises such as cars driving past your home.

Alternatively, you may want to listen to a guided meditation session. This can be beneficial if you are new to practicing mindfulness and don’t know where to begin. Guided meditation sessions will help you learn the basics of meditation, such as how to breathe properly in order to decrease your heart rate and relax.

In conclusion:
In order to ensure that you have a healthy mind and body, it’s important not to neglect your mind and to find a quiet area of your home to practice mindfulness and meditation in. Especially if you frequently become overwhelmed by the pressures of modern day life. One of my favorite Meditation Journal Log Book is shown below, and I am sure you will enjoy it also.

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